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“My personal conviction is that people deserve a Senator who values marriage, family, church, and community and sees the value and worth in every individual. My desire is to be a Statesman rather than a politician. To these principles I pledge my honor to uphold.”


Gerald Long for Louisiana State Senate District 31

Values & Priorities

– Work hard to help small business continue to grow and provide jobs, since 70% of all new jobs are the result of small businesses.

– Partner with Northwestern State and other educational entities to help prepare and equip local businesses for increased global competition.

– Work for incentives to strengthen and expand the forestry industry, which includes over 10,000 people in Central Louisiana who make their living in the logging industry.

– Work to continue to raise the bar so that our students are prepared for careers that require advanced education or training. To do this, we must have well-trained instructors and teachers who must be paid professional salaries in order to keep them.

– We must all work much harder to strengthen marriage and make our families stronger. Strong families reduce the need for many government programs that often do more harm than good.



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